Quiet Times for Busy Moms

October 20, 2020

By: Lynne Modranski

Ok, I may be a little bias on this one, my mom wrote it. She actually has a slew of books (devotions, advent readings, children’s church curriculum). This particular book is probably only going to interest my moms.

I find myself getting too busy for God. There is never any alone time, never any down time but you know you want to hear God’s voice somewhere in your day. This book is full of devotions specifically for moms. It uses scripture to help you get through the problems that moms face every day. I know we think that we’re alone in our struggles, but it is the same in every house….has been for a very very long time. So, if you need time with God and only get that peace for MAYBE 5 min…..grab this book, you won’t regret it.