You and Julia represent hope to the people you work with. Your transformations and dedication to health/fitness and those you guide are critical. I can only say that I’m extremely grateful that our paths crossed.


I’ve tried many weight loss tactics over the years, always ending with putting the weight back on. I started this program in March of 2021 with just a meal plan to see how it would go. My starting weight was 293 pounds and in the first month I dropped 20 pounds. After seeing that the process was working I wanted to add a 3 day workout into the program. Since adding in the workouts I am down to 239 pounds. My main goal was just an overall better quality of life and better health and with the help and support of Travis and Julia I have been able to accomplish that. My doctor was very pleased with my blood work and overall progress. If you trust the process, put in the work, and follow Travis and Julia’s instructions you’ll be amazed at what will happen. I am always excited to see my progress and pushing to get to the next level. Trust the process and put in the work! Thank you Travis and Julia!


The best trainer anyone could ever ask to get you where you want to go. Three years later we’re still going strong and besides losing 25pds. Going from a size 10/12 to a size 6 I’m healthy and in shape. Julia does more then just put you through a workout she educates you, listens to what your ailments are and helps you correct those bad habits if it’s eating or just knowing how to do a exercise. But mostly she’s become a fantastic friend who has helped me heal physically and emotionally.
If your looking for a trainer who truly cares about you and your health I highly recommend Julia and her gym 360fit because she and her husband Travis (also a trainer) truly care about you.
Your the best Jewels 💎